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Normandie. Varengeville-sur-Mer. Monet.

Normandy is a place where you can go back indefinitely. Picturesque villages,  flowing lines of chalk cliffs,  blooming hydrangeas, castles, churches, endless gardens,   freshest oysters    and kissing a horse..
Extraordinary, all the time changing colors sea, from jet black to turquoise and all shades of green and blue and cyan.

Floating in the sky, all the time changing their shape and are reflected in the water ...

2012_NORMANDIE2_0001-5               Varengevill sur mer ... These places have fascinated a considerable number of artists and poets. Isabey, Pissarro, Renoir, Miro, Braque, André Breton and Jacques Prevert ...

In 1881-82, Claude Monet lived not far from here, in Purville and wrote here about 90 works

Pointe du Petit Ailly, Varengeville


Marée basse devant VarengevilleIMG_9418

Cabane des douaniers, effet du matin (Домик таможенника . Эффект утра)
      In this gallery  a considerable number of works by Monet, stunning shades of water and sky and green at different times of day and in different weather ...
Cabane des douaniers, effet d'après-midi (C Monet - W 737) Cabane des douaniers, effet d'après-midi
Now at this point it's worth building

Here it can be seen . This is the view from the church
2012_NORMANDIE2_0002 and the  church

Eglise de Varengeville, temps gris

Eglise de Varengeville, effet matinal 

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