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A cozy town with a pleasant and soft-sounding name Dole

In the department Jura
I spent there too short time to get familiar with the place in details, but i really liked it from the first glance.

                                This town is ancient and not really clear when was founded

One thing that is clear is that next to Dole used to exist a Gaulish village that most likely has became the current town during the Roman era.
View of the old city and the church.

                                 even closer...
                     Dole is located on the Doubs river and the channel between the Rhine and the Rhone.
                          incredibly pretty

                                I invite you to wander the small streets of Dole

                          Sometimes it might look a bit gloomy and strict..

                                            but you will easily find out that it is not true.

The city history remembers ups and downs - the period of prosperity in the XVI century and the complete destruction and annihilation of the population at the time of Louis IX of France.
                       Louis Pasteur was born in this house, nowadays his museum.

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