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   One of the well kept secrets of France.  Rochecolombe. A picturesque medieval village on the north, east and west sides protected by steep slopes, and on the south, making up for the lack of natural defence has a deep moat. The silence is broken only by the sound of a stream. It seems as if the time here has stopped but that is a false impression.

The village is lived in. New windows are like welcoming eyes watching us from medieval stone walls. Well cared for houses, neat pile of wood in the courtyard and that is it. We haven't met a soul during our stroll. And heard no sound, save the spring's gurgle and birds' chirping. No signs of life. No people, no children, not even a dog or a cat. Where are the inhabitants?

   Before going up, we walked to the waterfall on the right bank of the spring. In the days past here was the so-called community mill belonging to the feudal segnor, for whom  his serfs, in addition to other duties, were obliged to mill the grain. This mill in mentioned in the documents dating back to the XIII century. Later, other more modern mills were built. This millstone is dated XVII-XVIII.

 The waterfall wasn't "working". Shame... 

  This is the view of the village from below. One can distinctly see the  belfry and the ruins of the ancient fortification on the top of the cliff.

Ruins of the old walls, scattered stones, tunnels and passages, carved into rock. A couple of restored houses and that is all (in regard specifically to the old part around the fortification)

On the streets of Rochecolombe

Revolutionaries live here

A few little houses neighbour  with ruins. Remnants of the former luxury and traces of work of the old artisans are everywhere

Once life was bubbling here, now all fell apart and covered by grass, though the ruins are rather picturesque and in some of them the interiors can be seen fairly well.

   The chapel of St. Bartholomew from  XIII century with two story belfry served as a parish church until 1849. It hosts the family tomb of the French nobles de Vogüé boasting a thousand year history amongst whose possession was also Rochecolombe.

Among the members of this family who served France with distinction in the military, judiciary, political and social fields, are two members of the French Academy, a writer, marshals of France.
 Impregnable castle of Rochecolombe served as  safe refuge during the neighbors' raids. Later, when war ceased to be a constant threat, the family moved to the spacious chateau Vogue contructed in the end of the XVI century by Melchior de Vogüé not far from Rochecolombe .

We climb the summit towards the ruins of the castle. Magnificent views open up from the top.

 The beauty of the view was admired in June of 1786 by the seventeen old Napoléon Bonaparte, then at the beginning of his career. He was exalted by the trip and uttered these prophetic words: "I shall enjoy this ascent. I would like to rise above the horizon".    

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  1. Nous sommes à la saison ou tout redevient un havre de paix et de silence. A+

  2. Lorsque l'on passe à Rochemaure on ne s'imagine pas ces images, il suffit de monter un peu pourtant pour découvrir les ruines de ce vieux chateau. Vous avez bien su saisir ce lieu par l'image.

  3. Je dois revenir en arrière et faire de nouvelles photos! :)